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    Trailing Calla Bouquet

    A STUNNING bouquet of real touch Calla lily's in a modern drop design. This design is available in the full colour range of real touch calla lily's.

    Classic Lily Teardrop

    A stunning teardrop bouquet of real touch lily's and buds. Lots of colour options available.

    Kylie - Bright & Beautiful

    Stunning upstanding bouquet of real touch calla lily's and frangipani. Lots of stunning colour options available. Satin or organza wrapped stems.

    Tiger Lily Teardrop Bouquet

    A beautiful teardrop of real touch tiger lily's. Available in any combination of colours, white, pale pink, hot pink & yellow. Limited stock available.

    Classic Calla Wristlet

    Three real touch calla blooms in a wristlet design with ribbon loops, perfect for BM's or Mum! Calla's also available in purple. Ribbon loops available in any colour that tickles your fancy!

    Calla Lily Buttonhole

    A real touch calla lily with fern foliage. Lots of colour options available.

    Skeleton Calla Bouquet

    Beautiful real touch calla lily's with a collar of delicate skeleton leaves. Limited stock available.

    Monika - Round Bouquet

    A stunning bouquet of real touch casablanca lily's and real touch frangipani. Lots of colour options available. Natural stems wrapped with satin ribbon.

    Melissa BM Bouquet

    A pretty bouquet of real touch tiger lily and frangipani. Satin wrapped stems with diamontee or pearl pins. Lots of colour options available.

    Melissa - Tiger Lily & Frangipani Teardrop

    A fantastic combination of real touch tiger lily's and frangipani's. Lots of colour combinations available.

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