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    Blue Singapore Orchid Wristlet

    A pretty wristlet of white a blue orchids. Great for BM's, FG's and Mum's! Also available in magenta & purple.

    Blue Star MIni Bouquet

    A perfect size for your little FG! Real touch frangipani blooms, scattered with blue orchids and finished with a satin wrapped stem.

    Blue Stunner Bridal Bouquet

    A beautiful bouquet of real touch tiger lily's, frangipani and blue orchid sprays. Other colour options available.

    Orchid with fern Buttonhole

    Little orchids and bud with fern greenery and ribbon wrapped stems. Gala clip included. Lots of colour options available.

    Blue Star Corsage

    A real touch frangipani bloom with blue orchid and bud with organza ribbon loops and gala clip.

    Blue Dreams Cascade

    A cascade design of real touch oriental lily's and stunning blue orchids.

    Frangipani Star

    A beautiful real touch frangipani teardrop with a sprinkle of little orchids. Available in lots of colour options.

    Tiffany Bridal Table Arrangement

    Hand sprayed orchids to match you colour theme .. this one is my favourite...Tiffany blue orchids with real touch frangipani and beautiful foliage.

    Blue Orchid India Rose Teardrop

    A bright and beautiful teardrop Bridal bouquet with blue orchids, real touch frangipani blooms, shells, vine & fern. Lots of colour options available.

    Blue Star FG Wand

    The cutest flower girl wand!! This design has real touch frangipani with blue orchids and ribbon loops. Available in lots of colours!

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